Wednesday, February 19, 2020

A Haunt Mess Valentine's Day Special Edition Ghoulish Goodies Mystery Box Opening Party

Court treated all the ghouls --herself included-- to a mystery box from Ghoulish Goodies for Galentine's Day. Which boxes did she pick for her ghoulfriends and which one did she get for herself? 


She went with three different themes. Which did Deedee get? What about Sara? Did each ghoul enjoy opening her box and discovering the ghoulish delights inside? 


 For the most part, yes! After Deedee and Sara both got past battling spiders and Deedee figured out how to wrangle all the roaches. Oh, and then there was the supernatural super strength tape on their individually wrapped packages. Luckily all were armed with scissors! 


Everyone agreed the attention to detail was above and beyond awesome. The boxes were absolutely loaded with all sorts of fun surprises and bags upon bags of candy. There was so much stuff --so much! 


 Unwrapping all the presents really was like Christmas and all the candy was like Halloween --given by the best gifter ever! The ghouls hated undoing all the wrapping and hard work that went into creating such thoughtful boxes.They could really tell the time and love that went into each one.


 Which made it even more fun to open. Sara said it best: She's obsessed with mystery boxes because nothing's a surprise anymore with caller ID and tracking numbers on packages. 


 But this was a hoot. Deedee liked not just having stuff put in a box, but wrapped up to be discovered. 


All the ghouls gave their Ghoulish Goodies boxes an A+ two thumbs up. 


The fun never stopped coming! Neither did the laughs, which made this for one of the best Valentine's --er, GALENTINE'S Days, ever!!! 




We realize the video is a little long, so the LOL, pee your pants moments you don't want to miss happen:

 1. Around the 22 minute mark 

2. And then at the 1 hour mark. 



 As usual, something happens during recording. First around the 51:40 mark. 

Do you hear the voice? Then around the 1 hour 1 minute mark. (Look for Deedee to suddenly go out of focus.) What Deedee says at the 1:04:01 mark might give you a chill... 



Back door action 

 Vampire leprechauns 

 Dolls that pee and poop 

Bone Nay Nay 

Sweaty Deedee Shivering Deedee 


 "Fucking leprechauns. Those little shits." "Would you like a little blood on your hands?" "Box of Boogers...thanks, Courtney." "Nothing says I love you like a Box of Boogers." "Stop flopping that boner around!" 


If you want to get your own box you can here

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

A Haunting Chat about Haunted Places and Virginia with Author Pamela K. Kinney

Feedback, moaning, and a phantom helicopter all contributed to this messy episode. (Luckily our guest was a good sport about it all!)
Author Pamela K. Kinney joins the ghouls to discuss haunted places and happenings, especially in her home state of Virginia.

Pamela is the author of several books detailing haunted places in Virginia, including VIRGINIA'S HAUNTED HISTORIC TRIANGLE, which is now in a 2nd printing.

Where does Pamela suggest the ghouls --or anyone visiting Virginia looking for haunted places-- check out?

She focused a lot on Colonial Williamsburg, its tours, and highly recommended staying at the Fort Magruder Hotel & Conference center for those looking for a haunted hotel.

What Makes This Episode Messy
Feedback! (Our bad. We have to remember to tell guests to wear headphones.)

Paranormal Activity
Speaking of sure to wear them and listen close around the 19:23 mark and again around the 30 minute mark.

You'll hear lots of weird sounds throughout the episode. Most is feedback. But there are a couple of unexplainable parts too. Unless anyone listening can help us out and explain WTH these sounds are!

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

A Haunt Mess Valentine Special: Ghost Lovers, Cupid & Haunting Romantic Movies and Places

Romance is messy. If you didn't already know that, the ghouls make sure you do in this episode. They explore the scarier side of love --or at least the ghostly side. As well as the mythical side. 

Starting with who is Cupid and what's his story? Sara shares some research she did into the winged, diaper-swaddled, arrow shooting matchmaking menace --or is he? In the end, is he just a victim of love himself? Not to mention possibly a ghost... 

Speaking of ghost lovers, Deedee digs up stories of women who not appreciate phantom beaus, but prefer them over real men. Allegedly the sex is better. As Sara put it: #HealthySelfLove 

Deedee also shares two ghost stories from Ohio about ghost lovers of another kind. One is a woman who allegedly haunts the Racine Cemetery in Ohio looking for her three husbands who predeceased her. The other involves a Bloody Bridge, a love triangle, jealousy, and murder that left behind restless spirits. 

Court shares a few haunted places hosting Valentine's Day ghost tours and haunted houses opened Valentine's Day weekend. 

Then the ghouls discuss romantic haunting movies, including Let the Right One In, Laura, and Little Monsters (2019). 


 Golden asses. (Based on a book Sara brought up. This hilarity starts around the 9 minute mark and had Deedee laughing so hard she was crying.) Scary episodes of cheaters. (Joey Greco, are you listening? Afterlife Affairs would make a great new show...) Ghost dick pics. Cat interruptions. 


"Nothing says love like getting the shit scared out of you." Sara

Monday, February 10, 2020

The Winner of our Valentines Day Contest is

Sara used her ghost hat to pick a winner for our Contest! Did you win? In this video you will also find out about a future guest we interviewed today!

And at last you can find out if you guessed correctly on some of the prizes. 


If you don't know about our contest here it is but it is too late to enter. 

But bonus we made a special A Haunt Mess Valentines edition which will be live for you to enjoy this Tuesday 02/11/2020. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Ep. 19 Are all haunted objects bad, cursed or evil

Once again the haunted Frozen Elsa doll inspired the ghouls. Why did the family get rid of her? Just because she was talking without batteries and apparently Houdinied her way out of the trash to return to them, but...what was so bad about that? It wasn't like she said anything evil or threatened to kill them. What if they hurt her feelings throwing her out and all she wanted was to continue being a member of the family? 

But before they delve into all of that, they look at some other good haunted items. (Not quite lucky charms exactly, but items that may have something attached to them, but aren't bad.) 

Court has a game for them: Bad Superstitions or Good? How do Deedee and Sara fare when asked about nutcrackers, bells, black cats and tattoos? 

Deedee shares her thoughts about two new Travel Channel shows: 1. Ghost Loop (She dug it. So different.) 2. Trending Fear (Another different type of show that caught her eye.) 

Then the ghouls share some personal experiences about "good" haunted items. What happened when Deedee picked up a fertility bird at a thrift store? 

What kind of serendipitous revelation does Sara share about the store where she found Eleanor (her haunted-not-so-haunted doll), a friend, and a gift. 

Deedee shows the ghouls the DIY paranormal project she and her husband created: they turned a $1 antique box into a handmade REM pod. Pretty cool. 


Non-Catholic tattooed pirates. 

No straightforward answers.

Monday, February 3, 2020

A Haunt Mess Mystery Valentine Giveaway

Wanna be our Valentine? That's right. We're a package deal. You get all three of us for the price of one --entry, that is!

We thought it'd be fun to host a little giveaway, but not just any giveaway. A mystery one! The winner will receive a little something from each ghoul!

What will your prizes be?

It's a mystery! (Are you catching on yet?)

However, a couple things you'll for sure get are:
  1. A "For a Good Time, Listen To... A Haunt Mess Podcast" sticker
  2. A package of Power Popper Valentine Pops, six self-inflating balloons

But as far as what else you'll get? 

How To Play

Guess the mystery prizes! 

Each ghoul has taken an intriguing photo of their prize. Take a look at their photos and try to figure out what they might be.

Mystery Prize #1

Mystery Prize #2

Mystery Prize #3

How to Enter

  1. Leave your guess on this post. You can leave a guess for only one of the Mystery Prizes, or you can guess what all three are! 
Q: "Does my guess have to be right to win?"

A: Nope! As long as you make a guess, you're entered!

Where Else to Enter

In addition to leaving a comment here, you can also leave entries on any of the contest posts on our social media, including: 

You can earn up to five entries if you comment here and on the contest posts on all of our social media. (See "Rules" below for more about that.)

You don't have to make the same guess in each place, either. You can, but you don't have to!


  1. Only one guess per platform per person. "Platform" being the blog plus any of our socials. 
  2. You can dictate how many entries you get. There are between 1 and 5 available! For example, if you only comment here, that's 1 entry. If you comment here and Twitter, that's 2. Only on Instagram would be one, but Insta, Facebook and YouTube would get you 3 entries. If that's not clear as mud, just shout!
  3. As stated above, your guess(es) don't have to be right to win. You just have to make a guess to enter.
  4. Entries accepted until Sunday, February 9, 2020.
  5. A winner will be drawn on February 10, 2020.
  6. Due to postage, entries are limited to U.S., Canada and England.
Good luck! We're excited to see who will be our Haunt Mess Mystery Valentine!

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Talking Haunted Dolls (and other things paranormal) with Sam Hundley

The Answer: Shocking moments, big laughs, and another haunt mess. The Question: What happens when the ghouls invite a mutual para friend to join them?
Deedee met Sam via Haunted Hour on Twitter, bonding over their shared experiences with Victoria the haunted doll at Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum. That's how Sara and Courtney met Sam.

Sam always has lots of interesting paranormal insights and shares when they socialize with her online. They unanimously agreed it'd be fun to have Sam on as a guest, and Sam thought that sounded like a damn good time too!

In addition to Sam, Deedee, Court and comparing notes about their experiences at the Haunted Museum, they talked about other paranormal interests, as well as another haunted doll that's been in the news lately: the Haunted Frozen Elsa Doll.

Then Sara broke out her Shack Hack and broke out her Eleanor the haunted, or maybe not so haunted doll, for another quick spirit box session.

Did a voice say, "Sam," when Sara asked if they could identify any of the people she was talking to? It sure sounded like it to both Court and Sam, but we'll let listeners be the judge!

But that wasn't the only potential activity we caught --and most of it was when we weren't even trying to use the Shack Hack!

We were either picking up a lot of feedback, interference, both or...voices from beyond. If you listen and can make anything out, let us know. We've had a few feedback issues in the past, but not interference. (Unless that's what that mysterious growl was? That sucker is still perplexing all of us!)

What Makes This Episode Messy

Deedee's "MeatMan"

Sara's continued paranormal cock block struggles

Freaky alien ghost monkey business in a hospital

Where Else (Elsa!) to Get Messy with the Ghouls