Monday, September 23, 2019

Women of the Paranormal

We are very excited to announce our very first Podcast is live! 

Our first A Haunt Mess Topic

Deedee, Sara, and Courtney each pick women in the paranormal to discuss, including Eleanor “Nora” Mildred Balfour Sidgwick, Kristen Luman, and Alexandra Holzer.
For their debut episode, Deedee, Sara, and Courtney discuss women in the paranormal. They've each selected a lady to focus on.

But before they do, they dish about upcoming paranormal TV shows they're looking forward to.

Then they talk about their selected women in the paranormal.

Sara introduces Deedee and Courtney to Eleanor “Nora” Mildred Balfour Sidgwick, a paranormal pioneer and a paranormal smarty pants who worked tirelessly in the Society of Psychical Research (SPR).

Deedee explains why she's digging Ghost Hunters cast member Kristen Luman.

Courtney's TV show pick and woman have something in common: The Holzer Files. Alexandra Holzer, daughter of the "Father of the Paranormal," Hans Holzer, is her para woman of choice.

What Makes This Episode Messy

  • Can scents --like smelly investigators-- attract ghosts? 
  • Are a lot of drivers going to Hell? 
  • Why does Sara claim her Buddhist peace?  

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