Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Episode 4 Haunted Places of the Paranormal

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A number of places claim to be "the most haunted," but what does that mean? That's what the ghouls aim to clear up.
A number of places claim to be "the most haunted," but what does that mean?

Is it because they're popular? But what is it about certain haunted places that makes them so popular? Publicity? Scariness factor? Level of activity? Because its been on TV?

Is one person's most haunted/active place another person's most boring?

And if a place is that haunted, active and potentially full of "dangerous" or "negative" energy, should it (a) be open to the public at all, and (b) should owners be charging admission to visit or investigate it?

These are just some of the messy topics Deedee, Sara and Courtney tackle in this episode.

The ghouls also share places they're looking forward to visiting during Spooky Season.

Deedee is excited to revisit Binions and see if she can figure out if she caught a ghost on camera during a previous visit or not.

Sara's staying close to home and perhaps checking out a local cemetery's legends.

Court hopes to take a ghost tour of the Hermitage, check out Cheekwood's scarecrows, and hit the Tennessee State Museum's Haunted Museum Storytelling Festival.

 Places Discussed This Episode That Claim to Be the Most Haunted 

  • Whaley House
  • Winchester Mystery House
  • Savannah, GA
  • Mansfield, OH

Other Haunted Places Discussed This Episode
  • Old Town San Diego
  • Cosmopolitan Hotel
  • Stanley Hotel 
  • The Conjuring House 
  • Salem
  • Sloss Furnace
  • Carnton Plantation
  • Hinsdale House
  • The Queen Mary
  • Rolling Hills
  • Alaska - Captain Cook Hotel's Possessive Potty Ghost and the Historic Anchorage Hotel
  • Iron Island 
    This is the book of guest ghost encounters that each hotel room at the Cosmopolitan has.

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