Thursday, October 24, 2019

Episode 5 Getting to Know the Ghouls Paranormal Q&A

What will be most revealing: The types of questions the ghouls ask of each other, or their answers?
The ghouls decided a fun way to introduce themselves to listeners better would be through a Q&A session. They solicited questions from followers on their social media (Twitter, Insta and Facebook) in addition to coming up with questions of their own for their fellow co-hosts.

What will be most revealing: The types of questions they ask or their answers?

The Questions
Deedee's Haunted Hour peeps --or Tweeps, rather-- really came through with some brilliant questions.
  • Michael asked, "Are instances of the Mandela effect a blending of parallel universes or timelines?"
  • Ti Johnson asked, "Do you wear protection on investigations? If so, what?"
  • Diane Richmond wondered "Do you believe in astral projection?"
  • GhostMagic 48 asked, "Is there a recognized for sharing evidence...not cable TV science but a real clearinghouse?"

Sara has a question from Eric, the team lead of War Party Paranormal in South Florida. He knows Sara's penchant for munchies so he asked, "What kind of snacks do you bring to investigations?"

Then Sara had a question she's been wanting to ask other paranormal people and this presented a great opportunity: "If there was one thing in the paranormal that you have zero doubt about, no matter what evidence others have to debunk that or validate it -- it will always resonate with you as solid-- what would it be? Do you even have anything like that?"

Court questions were:
  • Where did you lose your ghost hunting virginity?
  •  If you could have a conversation with the ghost of a famous person —or an infamous one (ie Jack the Ripper, Blackbeard, Madame LaLaurie, etc)— who would it be and why?
  • How would you complete this sentence: You are so paranormal if…

Referenced in this Episode
Haunted Hour - Deedee hosts this "old school live chat" every Wednesday at 9pm Eastern on Twitter. @HauntedHour #HauntedHour

What Makes It Messy
For starters, the episode's drop was delayed due to technical difficulties. (What a mess! {Insert Forehead Slap Here})

Then we went "there" again --Sex and Religion.

Specifically, can paranormal exist without ANY religion attached?

We also talked virginity (thanks to Court's question) and paranormal prophylactics.

Things turned a bit kinky when Sara begged for it --then Deedee and Court begged on her behalf. (Not for sex, you dirty turkey! Social media engagement!)

Oh yeah, and Sara shared a story about her parents being delivered in the mail.


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