Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Episode 6 Halloween Special

Halloween collides with a mukbang and it's all caught on tape --both audio and video. The ghouls had fun putting this Halloween edition together!
Even though Courtney kept wanting to call this the paranormal edition, it's the Halloween edition. (She gets it right once during the episode.)

If this episode sounds a little different (apart from the fact Courtney keeps calling it the wrong thing), it's because the ghouls did something a little bit different this time. In addition to recording their podcast, they also video recorded themselves. That means you can watch this episode now too. Just go to their YouTube channel or Facebook page.

Oh, and upon Sara's suggestion, they tried their hand at a "mukbang." Sort of. Was it a big old haunt mess, or did they do their best? You decide...

Special Guests
  • Gizmo & Gemini, Deedee's new kittens
  • Eleanor, Sara's new potentially haunted doll
  • A spirit or two? (Perhaps even the ghost of Courtney's father?)

What Makes It Paranormal
  • Deedee shares a scary incident that happened in one of her homes involving a chair that suddenly crashed over by itself.
  • Sara uses her "Shack Hack" gadget to conduct a ghost box session with Eleanor. (That's when someone says Courtney's name and at first she feels it sounds like her dad. But upon reviewing the audio, she doesn't hear that as much. She definitely hears her name. It just doesn't sound as much like her dad's voice as she first thought it did.)

What Makes It Halloweenie
  1. Costumes
  2. Decorations
  3. Haunted houses
What Makes it Messy
  1. Tatted up TaTa's
  2. Bite marks (from vampires and kitties)
  3. Deedee and Court losing their mukbang virginity
  4. The ghouls videoing themselves for the first time
The moment after the ghost box/Shackhack may --or may not-- have said one of the ghouls names in response to the question if she could name any of us. You'll have to listen and see which ghoul's name you think you hear!

Here is our YouTube if you want to watch and listen!

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