Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Episode 10 Types of Hauntings

What's the difference between intelligent, residual and intelligent hauntings and are there any connections between them?
Deedee, Sara and Courtney discuss their understanding of what intelligent, residual, and poltergeist hauntings are, as well as their theories about these various types of hauntings.

But before they do, they briefly talk crystals. Which ones they have. Which ones have called to them. And if they notice any changes in themselves or their environments while using or wearing them.

Then they start talking types of hauntings of the paranormal.

Deedee shares two interesting experiences:

  1. A possible residual haunting. Neighbors at a former home she used to live in told her a ghost walked across the lawn every night. Did she ever see it? And did it have anything to do with the mortuary across the street?
  2. A possible poltergeist. If poltergeists are just "noisy ghosts," it sounds like Deedee might have experienced one. 

Courtney shares her experience staying at the Shilo Inn in Salt Lake City, Utah, when the sound of children giggling in the drawers of her room woke her up one night. When she got up to investigate, something also flew at her en route to the bathroom. Was it the ghosts of the children who Court later learned had been murdered at that hotel? And was it a residual haunting or was it intelligent? Sara and Deedee weigh in with their ideas.

What Makes It Messy

 Soul constipation.

The run time. The ghouls know they got carried away with this episode --time-wise, that is.

P.S. Going forward they'll strive to trim their talks to closer to an hour. Will they succeed, or will they lose track of time because making A Haunt Mess is so much fun? That's TBD, but keep tuning in to find out!

Hosts: Deedee, Sara, and Courtney

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