Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Episode 7 Conspiracy Theories

It doesn't get much messier than talking about conspiracy theories --unless maybe you talk about the theorists themselves.
Conspiracy theories may be even messier than the paranormal, and you know if it's messy Deedee, Sara and Courtney want to talk about it.

Which conspiracy theories do they believe, and which do they dismiss? They talked some of the bigger ones, including the Moon Landing (or lack thereof), aliens amongst us, and the Flat Earth Theory.

But they also discussed the Windsor Hum, the Creepy Line, whether dinosaur bones are a hoax, and Targeted Individuals, a.k.a. TIs.

What Makes It Messy
The topic itself. It's just a big ol' stinking ripe haunt mess that's hard to get a hold of.

Also, Court didn't get the memo about wearing a cute T-shirt. Luckily it doesn't matter for the podcast end of things.

Where to Get Messy with the Ghouls

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