Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Episode 12 ParaUnity: What is it and does it even really exist?

ParaUnity: a myth or reality? Many paranormal investigators espouse it, but do they really live it?
One of our favorite parts of our show's description is: "You think politics is full of drama? Check out the paranormal. It's a real haunt mess!" 

The drama comes in many forms. People who think anyone connected to the paranormal is evil, crazy or some combo thereof. But also between paranormal enthusiasts and ghost hunters alike.

Many conferences strive to connect "like-minded" para individuals, but what is "like-minded" really? Because just like anything else in life, there are factions and sub-factions within the paranormal.

Some believe para celebs like the Warrens or Zak Bagans are the ultimate experts, whereas others see them simply as showmen.

Some believe in psychics or UFOs or Bigfoot, while others are only interested in ghosts.

Some people want to have open, mind-expanding discussions and investigations, while others believe there is only one way to do it --usually the way their favorite TV ghost investigator approaches things-- and anyone doing it any other way is wrong.

Occasionally, things get nasty between paranormal groups and/or enthusiasts. People get possessive of places and sign contracts to restrict other groups from investigating there. Techniques are called out. Evidence is ridiculed. Egos get in the way.

There are Facebook groups and Twitter hashtags calling for "ParaUnity."
For people to put aside their differences and to remember to respect each other. But do they? Can such a thing ever really exist?

The ghouls demonstrate it can. They all have similar --yet also different-- beliefs and experiences. They respect that about each other --and respect the differences that arise.

However, they've all also seen and experienced the uglier side.

That's what they talk about in this episode: the good, the bad, and the ugly of #ParaUnity.

What Makes This Episode Messy

Well, paraunity is messy in itself --and the fact we even need such a movement speaks volumes.

However, in this episode there's also alter egos and Court looking possessed. (Perhaps her alter ego trying to take over?)

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