Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Ep 17 Part 2 Ghost Stories Truth or Fiction

The ghouls had a lot to say so this is a two part episode if you didn't hear Ep 1 go back and listen. We did include a small recap but why not listen to the whole episode. 

 What locations, shows, ghost story tellers are speaking the truth. 

Do they base their stories on real experiences and History? In this episode we try to figure it out while sharing some stories we have found to be false. 

Some things we discuss in part 1 Can some locations be a portal for a town? 

How and why do psychics attach themselves to a location? 

 Is it even wise to challenge the authenticity of others stories? 

Where do you go to get the true history? 

What makes it messy: 

The church of the paranormal 

In our episode 2 we share What part of being on a Paranormal TV show would be beneficial. 

Can a location call to you like in a dream?

 If something is faked at a location or in a show who knows about it? 

Demons some how we always talk about demons (could be the what makes it messy) 

We also reference a real detective ghost show called Paranormal Cops that Courtney recommends and a paranormal book Haunted by history by Craig Owens with real facts that Deedee thinks everyone should read. 

What is the best advise we have? 

What makes it messy: 

We spit the straight truth.

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