Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Talking Haunted Dolls (and other things paranormal) with Sam Hundley

The Answer: Shocking moments, big laughs, and another haunt mess. The Question: What happens when the ghouls invite a mutual para friend to join them?
Deedee met Sam via Haunted Hour on Twitter, bonding over their shared experiences with Victoria the haunted doll at Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum. That's how Sara and Courtney met Sam.

Sam always has lots of interesting paranormal insights and shares when they socialize with her online. They unanimously agreed it'd be fun to have Sam on as a guest, and Sam thought that sounded like a damn good time too!

In addition to Sam, Deedee, Court and comparing notes about their experiences at the Haunted Museum, they talked about other paranormal interests, as well as another haunted doll that's been in the news lately: the Haunted Frozen Elsa Doll.

Then Sara broke out her Shack Hack and broke out her Eleanor the haunted, or maybe not so haunted doll, for another quick spirit box session.

Did a voice say, "Sam," when Sara asked if they could identify any of the people she was talking to? It sure sounded like it to both Court and Sam, but we'll let listeners be the judge!

But that wasn't the only potential activity we caught --and most of it was when we weren't even trying to use the Shack Hack!

We were either picking up a lot of feedback, interference, both or...voices from beyond. If you listen and can make anything out, let us know. We've had a few feedback issues in the past, but not interference. (Unless that's what that mysterious growl was? That sucker is still perplexing all of us!)

What Makes This Episode Messy

Deedee's "MeatMan"

Sara's continued paranormal cock block struggles

Freaky alien ghost monkey business in a hospital

Where Else (Elsa!) to Get Messy with the Ghouls

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