Tuesday, February 11, 2020

A Haunt Mess Valentine Special: Ghost Lovers, Cupid & Haunting Romantic Movies and Places

Romance is messy. If you didn't already know that, the ghouls make sure you do in this episode. They explore the scarier side of love --or at least the ghostly side. As well as the mythical side. 

Starting with who is Cupid and what's his story? Sara shares some research she did into the winged, diaper-swaddled, arrow shooting matchmaking menace --or is he? In the end, is he just a victim of love himself? Not to mention possibly a ghost... 

Speaking of ghost lovers, Deedee digs up stories of women who not appreciate phantom beaus, but prefer them over real men. Allegedly the sex is better. As Sara put it: #HealthySelfLove 

Deedee also shares two ghost stories from Ohio about ghost lovers of another kind. One is a woman who allegedly haunts the Racine Cemetery in Ohio looking for her three husbands who predeceased her. The other involves a Bloody Bridge, a love triangle, jealousy, and murder that left behind restless spirits. 

Court shares a few haunted places hosting Valentine's Day ghost tours and haunted houses opened Valentine's Day weekend. 

Then the ghouls discuss romantic haunting movies, including Let the Right One In, Laura, and Little Monsters (2019). 


 Golden asses. (Based on a book Sara brought up. This hilarity starts around the 9 minute mark and had Deedee laughing so hard she was crying.) Scary episodes of cheaters. (Joey Greco, are you listening? Afterlife Affairs would make a great new show...) Ghost dick pics. Cat interruptions. 


"Nothing says love like getting the shit scared out of you." Sara

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