Wednesday, February 19, 2020

A Haunt Mess Valentine's Day Special Edition Ghoulish Goodies Mystery Box Opening Party

Court treated all the ghouls --herself included-- to a mystery box from Ghoulish Goodies for Galentine's Day. Which boxes did she pick for her ghoulfriends and which one did she get for herself? 


She went with three different themes. Which did Deedee get? What about Sara? Did each ghoul enjoy opening her box and discovering the ghoulish delights inside? 


 For the most part, yes! After Deedee and Sara both got past battling spiders and Deedee figured out how to wrangle all the roaches. Oh, and then there was the supernatural super strength tape on their individually wrapped packages. Luckily all were armed with scissors! 


Everyone agreed the attention to detail was above and beyond awesome. The boxes were absolutely loaded with all sorts of fun surprises and bags upon bags of candy. There was so much stuff --so much! 


 Unwrapping all the presents really was like Christmas and all the candy was like Halloween --given by the best gifter ever! The ghouls hated undoing all the wrapping and hard work that went into creating such thoughtful boxes.They could really tell the time and love that went into each one.


 Which made it even more fun to open. Sara said it best: She's obsessed with mystery boxes because nothing's a surprise anymore with caller ID and tracking numbers on packages. 


 But this was a hoot. Deedee liked not just having stuff put in a box, but wrapped up to be discovered. 


All the ghouls gave their Ghoulish Goodies boxes an A+ two thumbs up. 


The fun never stopped coming! Neither did the laughs, which made this for one of the best Valentine's --er, GALENTINE'S Days, ever!!! 




We realize the video is a little long, so the LOL, pee your pants moments you don't want to miss happen:

 1. Around the 22 minute mark 

2. And then at the 1 hour mark. 



 As usual, something happens during recording. First around the 51:40 mark. 

Do you hear the voice? Then around the 1 hour 1 minute mark. (Look for Deedee to suddenly go out of focus.) What Deedee says at the 1:04:01 mark might give you a chill... 



Back door action 

 Vampire leprechauns 

 Dolls that pee and poop 

Bone Nay Nay 

Sweaty Deedee Shivering Deedee 


 "Fucking leprechauns. Those little shits." "Would you like a little blood on your hands?" "Box of Boogers...thanks, Courtney." "Nothing says I love you like a Box of Boogers." "Stop flopping that boner around!" 


If you want to get your own box you can here

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