Tuesday, February 18, 2020

A Haunting Chat about Haunted Places and Virginia with Author Pamela K. Kinney

Feedback, moaning, and a phantom helicopter all contributed to this messy episode. (Luckily our guest was a good sport about it all!)
Author Pamela K. Kinney joins the ghouls to discuss haunted places and happenings, especially in her home state of Virginia.

Pamela is the author of several books detailing haunted places in Virginia, including VIRGINIA'S HAUNTED HISTORIC TRIANGLE, which is now in a 2nd printing.

Where does Pamela suggest the ghouls --or anyone visiting Virginia looking for haunted places-- check out?

She focused a lot on Colonial Williamsburg, its tours, and highly recommended staying at the Fort Magruder Hotel & Conference center for those looking for a haunted hotel.

What Makes This Episode Messy
Feedback! (Our bad. We have to remember to tell guests to wear headphones.)

Paranormal Activity
Speaking of headphones...be sure to wear them and listen close around the 19:23 mark and again around the 30 minute mark.

You'll hear lots of weird sounds throughout the episode. Most is feedback. But there are a couple of unexplainable parts too. Unless anyone listening can help us out and explain WTH these sounds are!

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