Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Ep. 19 Are all haunted objects bad, cursed or evil

Once again the haunted Frozen Elsa doll inspired the ghouls. Why did the family get rid of her? Just because she was talking without batteries and apparently Houdinied her way out of the trash to return to them, but...what was so bad about that? It wasn't like she said anything evil or threatened to kill them. What if they hurt her feelings throwing her out and all she wanted was to continue being a member of the family? 

But before they delve into all of that, they look at some other good haunted items. (Not quite lucky charms exactly, but items that may have something attached to them, but aren't bad.) 

Court has a game for them: Bad Superstitions or Good? How do Deedee and Sara fare when asked about nutcrackers, bells, black cats and tattoos? 

Deedee shares her thoughts about two new Travel Channel shows: 1. Ghost Loop (She dug it. So different.) 2. Trending Fear (Another different type of show that caught her eye.) 

Then the ghouls share some personal experiences about "good" haunted items. What happened when Deedee picked up a fertility bird at a thrift store? 

What kind of serendipitous revelation does Sara share about the store where she found Eleanor (her haunted-not-so-haunted doll), a friend, and a gift. 

Deedee shows the ghouls the DIY paranormal project she and her husband created: they turned a $1 antique box into a handmade REM pod. Pretty cool. 


Non-Catholic tattooed pirates. 

No straightforward answers.

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