Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The Ghouls Chat with Kristy Sumner of Soul Sisters Paranormal

It's all about ghoul emPOWERment this episode as Dr. Kristy Sumner joins the ghouls!
It started out as a sisters/girl's weekend. Three sisters joined by some of their friends who thought exploring haunted places sounded like fun. They were soon bit by the hunting bug and before they knew it Soul Sisters Paranormal was founded.

Other family members and friends became intrigued by their outings.

"What do you do? What's it like?" were common questions.

So they decided to started filming it, because pictures --or in this case video-- is worth a 1,000 words, right?

Dr. Kristy Sumner joined the ghouls to talk about Soul Sisters Paranormal, what they do, and what makes them a little bit different.

For one, as an all female team where all members hold advanced degrees --two PhDs, two JDs, and one with a Master's-- they're not your typical group.  Many also hold day jobs within the legal or law enforcement fields.

Sure, they use equipment like all other groups, and they also conduct experiments, but because of their educational backgrounds and careers, their approach is rooted in more scientific methods than most.

They also prefer to elevate the history of a haunted place, as connecting with the stories of the past is what helps us understand what's happening in the present. They do thorough research about a place before investigating to find ways to better interact with any restless spirits who may remain behind.

As Sara was inspired during the chat with Kristy, "If history comes out to touch you, that's amazing."

What Makes This Episode Messy
Kristy's disappearing --then reappearing-- act.

Courtney's hotel room.

Where Else to Get Messy with the Ghouls

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Deedee, Sara, and Courtney

“Nightmare Machine” by Kevin MacLeod / Incompetech

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