Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The Happy St. Patrick's Day Leprechaunted Episode

Leprechauns, banshees, folklore and myths...the ghouls celebrate St. Patrick's Day in style. Literally. They're decked out for it and everything! 

 They also institute a new game: the Haunt Mess of the Week! Now listeners can play along at home as well as nominate Haunt Mess OTW stories by getting in touch with the ghouls on Instagram, Twitter, or on our new Facebook group page: A Haunt Mess Express: https://www.facebook.com/groups/20359.... Find out the two headlines the ghouls had to choose from this week, and which one they picked as the Haunt Mess of the Week Winner. (It was between kissing cryptids and Bigfoot slave DNA. Tough choice!) 

You'll also get to learn a lot about the ghouls in this spirited episode, such as: 

* Are boob lovers responsible for one of the banshee myths? 
* What kind of men does Sara prefer? 
* Why can't Courtney read her shoes? 
* Does Deedee put her heritage to shame? 
* What's up with the slainte cilantro shenanigans? 

Watch and find out the answers to all of the above!

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