Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Mind Over Matter Psychokinesis (Telekinesis) Episode

Sara posed an interesting question to Deedee and Courtney after watching HBO's Folklore horror series: 
Do you think our emotions --jealousy, anger, whatever-- could get so intense we could will our minds to make something happen? 
All the ghouls agreed: who knows? But that sounds like a great topic. Let's discuss it for one of our episodes! 
So they did. 
Being the smart cookie that she is, Sara broke out her Intro to Parapsychology book and schooled the girls on the chapter about psychokinesis/telekinesis, which is often abbreviated "PK." 
What did the ghouls learn? A lot about themselves. (Like which one of them you would, and wouldn't, want to be in a car with, because they're a case of road rage waiting to happen...) 
They also once again picked the Haunt Mess of the Week haunted headline. 
Their choices this week were between: 
 1. How to Date the Creepy Twins from the Shining, and
 2. Did Psychic Sylvia Browne Predict the Coronavirus Pandemic Back in 2008? 
Which one would you pick? 
See which one the ghouls voted Haunt Mess OTW. 
Manifesting manifestations 
Deedee's dark side 
Deedee's driving side 
Paranormal parkour 
Effing tornadoes 
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