Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The Free Spirited Foolishness #GLM Episode

The ghouls always talk about unbelievable things, but this episode may win the Mother of All Unbelievable Haunt Mess Discussions.
The ghouls break some huge news this episode. But first...If you're desperate for a laugh, THIS is the episode you MUST tune into!

Why does Sara feel she needs Paranormal Pornstars?

Why have Deedee's ghosts given up on her? (It's pretty "alarming.")

Which headline will the girls decide is the Haunt Mess of the Week? Their choices were between:

"A Hybrid Woman Saves the Lives of the Entire Paranormal Community in Sherri Carbajal's New Book "The Strong Siren Type"


"Paranormal Pornstars: A Show You That You Didn't Know You Needed" (Well, Deedee and Court didn't know; Sara totally did. She's always ahead of the curve.)

In addition to all that, the ghouls also talked about the Ghost Lives Matter Rescue Group that is trying to get ghost hunting banned and what kind of ramifications that would have. Rogue ghost hunting?

But their big news is about their new show: Free Spirits, premiering on Travel Channel soon! They'll use the ultimate trigger items: family members of the deceased to make contact with the other side. Will they make contact and free their loved ones' restless spirits or not?

Special thanks to our phantom producer, Tom!

What Makes This Episode Messy


If the asylum is a rockin, don't come a knockin'!

Dr. Gene Pool

Paranormal Love Connections


April Fool's Day

Haunt Mess Potato Holder of the Week
Deedee the Haunt Mess wino who's sleeping on the job!

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