Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The Rick McCallum from the Hollywood Ghost Hunters Episode

Rick McCallum is one of the nicest ghost hunters around. He's also a talented storyteller and was extremely generous with his time as he joined the ghouls to regale them with his many tales. 
Deedee wanted to know about his flying bloody sword, which sounds like a haunt mess and we all agree we hope it doesn't impale him during one of its flights someday. 
 He also shared ghost stories about the paranormal activity he's experienced in his own home, as well as on hunts at places like the William Heath Davis House, the Pico House Hotel (and elaborated a bit on hunting with the Ghost Adventures guys there), Leap Castle and the Hellfire Club. One of his Scottish ghost hunting friends is quoted on Rick's forthcoming book as saying, "If Rick's there spirit is there." Maybe that's why he's so successful getting activity of all sorts, from physical interactions like pushing to audio phenomena like growls. 
One thing's for sure: Rick himself is full of fun-loving spirit. We hope you have as much fun watching him this episode as we had spending time with him making it. 
Bleeding flying swords (that can't be stated enough) 
Technology (we had a few difficulties getting Rick online with us, but once we did we rolled right along) 
Online gynecologist appointments 
Gray hairs getting in the way 
Messy endings 
THE GHOULS Deedee, Sara, and Courtney

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