Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Dreams and the #Paranormal

In this messisode we discuss Dreams and the Paranormal. We also each have a book or website to interpret some dreams. We talk about dreams from our subconscious, Spirit visits and astral dreams. 

See what dreams the ghouls have had and what it is a common theme. 

We also discuss an interesting Dream experiment that one the ghouls had read about from John Tenny on his blog Weird Lectures. See what they each think of that and if they will try it too! 

You can read that on his blog  

Our latest Haunted Headlines which one is your favorite? 

 What makes it Messy: 

Ghosts that turn off our logo 

Gossip ghouls 

Zak Bagans and his new Penis pump purchase 

Taping your dreams on VHS 

Books we used: 

Courtney The Dreamer's Dictionary 

Sara The Secret World of your Dreams and The Hidden Meaning of your Dreams 

Deedee Dreammoods.com 

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THE GHOULS Deedee, Sara, and Courtney

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